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Monday, October 21, 2013


Rotondella. The USA want to know more about the discovery of the engineer from Lucania

Now the Planetarium speaks English

Presentation of the translation of the work by Giovanni Pastore


Caroline Miranda Feetam and Giovanni Pastore
The presentation of the translation by Pastore in Rotondella
Caroline Miranda Feetam and Giovanni Pastore
The recovered Archimedes Planetarium


ROTONDELLA - "The Recovered Archimedes Planetarium" by Giovanni Pastore English Version.
The study carried out by Engineer Giovanni Pastore from Rotondella, Basilicata, Italy is now available in English. It was published in 2010 and has been presented in various Italian localities as well as abroad. Its content has gained intriguing approval and offers a new interpretation of the varied scientific and technological achievements from the last one hundred years, indeed it has shaken principles had been considered definitive. The title is "The Recovered Archimedes Planetarium" and the translation was conceived and developed to the tiniest detail (so important for scientific works) by the author, followed by a revision by Caroline Miranda Feetam, in order to maintain the true journey of research and study as well as the relative deductions.
In Rotondella (*) Pastore donated a copy of the new publication in English to the library "Prof. Mario Di Matteo", accompanied by Feetam, and outlined the reasons that pushed him to begin this specialised job, which took him the best of 2 years to complete.
It became necessary to produce this edition, explained Pastore, in order to satisfy the requests that I had received over the years from various international academics; from single scholars to various enthusiasts and cult followers of the themes developed in the book. In fact, it was to such an extent that this version has already reached the USA, Japan, China and other European countries.
A scientific study that cost the author time and hard work with research that spans archaeology, history, literature, technology and science, it is extremely complex especially given the conclusions that Pastore has come to. The study is divided into three parts that deal with the Archimedes Planetarium (a gear wheel found in Olbia and restored by the Superintendency of the Archeological Heritage, who date it back to the period between the end of the 3rd century and the mid-2nd century BC), the Greek gear of Antikythera (one of the Aegean Islands) and the Pitcher of Ripacandida.
“As regards the gear of Olbia, the restoration phase, adds Pastore, revealed some surprises that I believe to be extremely important; starting from the unusual composition of the metal alloy used - brass. The gear teeth also have a special curvature that makes them extraordinarily similar to the mathematically perfect gear wheels of modern times and since it was made before all other mechanisms known to us, we can consider it extremely evolved”.
For Pastore, the concurrence between the “scientific evidence” and the “historical, literary and archaeological references” has led us to conclude that the fragment from Olbia was an integral part of the Planetarium of Archimedes. As far as the Planetarium of Antikythera is concerned, on which Pastore based his study of the kinematic model also present in the wheel of Olbia and precursor to the Heliocentrism of Copernicus, it can only be concluded that the Hellenic scientists already knew about the planetary motions of celestial bodies.

Battista D'Alessandro

(English translation by Caroline Miranda Feetam)

(*) Town of Rotondella (Basilicata, Italy)
Avv. Vincenzo FRANCOMANO, Mayor
Dott. Maria CUCCARESE, Councilor for cultural and educational policies




For more information please contact:

75025 POLICORO (Matera) 




Prof.ssa Caroline Miranda Feetam

Presentation of the books (Part Two): Rotondella (Basilicata, Italy) August 2, 2013 - YouTube



Book by Giovanni Pastore
Science, technology, history, literature and archaeology, certainty and conjecture on the most ancient and extraordinary astronomical calculating device. With two other scientific studies: on the Antikythera Planetarium and the Pitcher of Ripacandida.
With the appendix:
Pythagoras in the contemporary world. Influences of Pythagorean scientific philosophy in the modern and contemporary world.
Summary in: English - Italiano - Ελληνικά - 日本語 - Español - Français - Português - Deutsch - Tiếng Việt
(The book is written in English, ISBN  9788890471544)



Libro di Giovanni Pastore
Scienza, tecnologia, storia, letteratura e archeologia, certezze e congetture sul più antico e straordinario calcolatore astronomico
Con altri due studi scientifici:
sul Planetario di Antikythera e sulla Brocchetta di Ripacandida
Summary in: Italiano - English - Ελληνικά - 日本語 - Español - Français - Português - Deutsch - Tiếng Việt
(Il libro è scritto in Italiano, ISBN  9788890471520)



Documentary film:
Influences of Pythagorean scientific philosophy in the modern and contemporary world
Production and direction by Giovanni Pastore - Copyright © 2013-2014
Color - HD - 16/9 - Duration: 54 min - Languages: English and Italian 



Giovanni PastoreThe author:

Giovanni Pastore (Rotondella - Basilicata, Italy), received his degree with full marks in Mechanical Engineering at Turin Polytechnic University. Even before graduating he was offered a contract at Fiat Mirafiori in Turin, where for the many years he worked at the automotive design office, dealing with structural calculations.
He was a reserve officer with the Army Corps of Engineers at the plant of ex-combat vehicles STAVECO at Nola (Naples, Italy), appointed with the task of the revision and testing of tanks (
Leopard and M113). Some years later he was recalled to duty, at the same plant, for technical updates and degree advancements.
He has lived and worked in Policoro (Basilicata, Italy), where he works as a freelance engineer and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at several Italian universities.
He has published numerous scientific articles and books: Gli infortuni domestici. Come prevenirli (ISBN 9788890471506), Antikythera e i regoli calcolatori (ISBN 9788890471513), Il Planetario di Archimede ritrovato (ISBN 9788890471520), Pitagora nel mondo contemporaneo. Influenze della filosofia scientifica pitagorica nel mondo moderno e contemporaneo (ISBN 9788890471537) and The Recovered Archimedes Planetarium (ISBN 9788890471544).
He wrote in Il Sole 24 Ore, L’Unione Sarda, La Stampa, Corriere della Sera, Davlos (translated into Greek by Yannis Lazaris), Mathesis, Advances in Space Research, Ancient Origins, Il Quotidiano del Sud, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno.



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